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Reading is a very important area in school and we have a range of different activities planned throughout the day to ensure that everyone can succeed in their reading!

Power of Reading

Over the course of the year, each year group focusses much of their learning in English on carefully selected texts which are age-appropriate. These are taken from a range of authors, cultures and genres to ensure pupils are exposed to full range.

Catch up Reading

This is an intervention scheme led by our support staff who work 1:1 with children that need some extra help because they find reading difficult. It is really successful at helping children to make better progress in their reading and helps them to meet ‘end of year expectations’ relevant to their age. Pupils chose books with their reading partner; read them together and are asked questions to support their understanding of the text.

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Cracking Comprehension

In Key Stage 2, the most important element of a child’s reading is their comprehension of a text; do they understand what they are reading? Cracking comprehension is a teaching tool that is used three times a week across the school to stretch and challenge pupils to help ensure they meet their age-related expectations in reading comprehension.


This is a reading programme which develops a range of reading skills in children chosen to take part in it. Each chosen child receives a personalised programme based on building phonological awareness; fluency in reading; understanding of key vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Guided Reading in Year 3

Having an adult listen to a child read is special as it allows the adult to check the child’s understanding (comprehension) of the text. In year 3, for 20 minutes 3 times a week, all of the support staff in school visit a year 3 class and read with a group. This gives them the opportunity to become much confident and competent readers as they move through school.


What’s ERIC? Eric stands for EVERYBODY READING IN CLASS and is something new for this year! Each year group has allocated times where everyone (including the staff!) can sit back and enjoy their favourite books. We even invite parents & carers in to listen to their children read!

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