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Year 3


Year 3 Summer Term 2021

Welcome Back Year 3! 

We are so pleased to finally have the children back in school for a full term of learning and hope you are all looking forward to the last term of this academic year. We know many of you worked very hard during the Spring Term whilst most of you were learning remotely and can’t wait to start teaching our new units of work across the curriculum now we are back to normal!

In English lessons we will explore the book Gregory Cool during the start of Summer term and then move onto exploring the poetry of Valerie Bloom’s Hot Like Fire.  Both of these texts have been carefully chosen to link to our Topic work on Trinidad and Tobago. We hope they will enthuse and engage the Year 3 children in their learning so that they understand more about these Caribbean Islands; their cultures and history. Both these texts will develop skills in reading and writing for example exploring figurative language in poetry and encouraging pupils to use it themselves in their own poetry, whilst Gregory Cool will help to secure children’s inference skills as they put themselves in the shoes of the main character Gregory who is a long way from home for the first time!

Guided reading sessions will continue to take place three times a week to support children in retrieving and inferring from texts and there will be weekly cracking comprehension sessions taught so that our classes can explore and understand a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Maths we will be finishing off our work on fractions from the Spring Term and then moving on to exploring 2D and 3D shape, including identifying different types of angles. Children in Year 3 also need to identify parallel lines and work out the perimeter of simple shapes so we will spend time covering these targets. We will have some fun writing riddles about 3D shapes, using key vocabulary such as edge, face and vertices as well as have a go at making our own 3D shapes from nets.  Later in the term there will be a focus on measures for mass and capacity where we will solve problems and compare different units of measurement. We will continue to develop fluency and recall skills of known facts and will be securing recall of 3, 4 and 8 x table facts through quick, fun games and activities. We hope you continue to use Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars at home as a fun way to improve your child’s mental maths skills.

Within Topic lessons this term we will be learning all about Trinidad and Tobago in order to further support our class text Gregory Cool as it is set on this island. We will explore the wildlife of the Caribbean and the geography of them as an island. In the later part of the Summer term, France will become the focus of Topic. Each week we will explore an aspect of French Geography, History and culture, including some delicious French food tasting!

PE lessons will involve learning more about team work and the skills and rules involved in sided sports. The Summer Term is also a great time to get outside and practise becoming better athletes, for example developing skills in sprinting, throwing, jumping and relay racing. Let’s hope the sun shines so we can get outside each week!

We know that everything we have planned for the Summer Term will result in a great end to an interesting school year. We are incredibly proud of our Year 3 children and how well they have coped with all the changes they have had to deal with in the past year and will miss them greatly when they transition to Year 4.

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