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Hello everybody!

My name is Miss Harvey and I am a teacher who will be working in Year 3 in September. I love teaching year three and helping children settle into a new school. I really like to have fun in class and always try to make everything we are learning about exciting and interesting. If you have any worries or anything you want to talk about I will always be there to listen and try and help you to feel better. I like to be very creative and my classrooms in the past have had lots of bright colours and exciting displays for you to interact with and learn about.

I can’t wait to meet you all and find out all about you! Here are some interesting facts:

  • I have been teaching at Birkby Junior School for 4 years but during the last year I have been at home looking after my baby.
  • Before teaching at Birkby Junior School I taught in year 1 and year 2, I also worked as a nursery nurse for a year too.
  • I have taught in year 4 for two and a half years and in year 3 for one year, I am looking forward to teaching year 3 again this year.
  • My favourite subject to teach in school is Art, I like to teach painting, drawing and sculpting and getting creative and messy! I also help with Art club after school to continue my passion for being creative.
  • My favourite colour is yellow because is a bright, happy colour and it’s the colour of sunshine! What is your favourite colour?
  • My favourite food is pizza, I love it! What is your favourite food?


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