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Miss L Gledhill

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Hi everyone! My name is Miss Gledhill and I am a Year 3 teacher at Birkby Junior School. That means that it is my job to teach you lots of exciting and interesting things whilst you are at school. Like you, this year I have been a new teacher to Birkby Junior School so I understand how you might be feeling about starting at a new school.

I am really excited to meet you all and find out all about you! Here are some interesting facts about me that you might like to hear:

  • My favourite subjects are History and Art. I love learning all about events that happened in the past and creating pieces of artwork. I cannot wait to find out what your favourite subjects are!
  • My favourite food is cheese.
  • I love sports and crafting things with junk. I recently made some pen pots out of old bottles and some rope. Have you ever made anything with objects that you were going to throw away?
  • I have a hamster named Fudge. He likes to do the monkey bars and he is very cheeky!
  • When I’m not in school I like to: Go cycling with my son and explore new places; take part in Zumba (a dancing exercise) and I also like to draw.  

I can’t wait to see you all! See you soon!

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