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Year 4

Year 4 Summer Term 2021

Welcome back Year 4!

We have an exciting Summer Term coming up, with a range of topics and learning to be covered.

We will continue to study the Ancient Egyptians for two weeks at the start of the Summer term before moving on to study ‘Coasts’, which is a largely geography based topic. Children will use their geographical skills to investigate places by using a range of resources to identify the key physical and human features of a location. They will also look at a range of maps to develop their skills about the UK and specific coastal areas.

In our English lessons we will enjoy developing our reading and writing skills through our study of Ancient Egyptian and Greek myths. Children will examine a range of myths in detail in order to understand their features before planning and writing their very own myth! Later in the term, Year 4 will again draw on their writing skills during our ‘Scary Stories’ topic. In this learning, the children will become familiar with scary stories and develop an understanding of how to build suspense and tension in their writing. The final piece of extended writing for Year 4 will be writing a scary story of their own.

In Maths we will be exploring fractions and decimals as well as looking at different units of measuring. Through all these units, your child will develop a deeper knowledge and also understand how to explain their understanding and become expert problem solvers. We will also continue to work on calculations, especially those to support multiplication and division. This will ensure that we become more confident at using written methods and mental strategies in year 4.

This term we will also continue to develop your child’s investigative skills during Science lessons alongside their knowledge relating to Electricity and Teeth & Digestion. We are looking forward to planning lots of ‘hands on’ lessons in the first half term, where Year 4 can build simple circuits and investigate what makes them work. Also this term, we will be learning about Sound. This topic includes how the ear works and  we will be investigating volume and pitch, a chance for the children to make some noise!

This half term we will have chance to focus on three different areas of PE. First we will be continuing with our Games unit and giving the children chance to organise and lead their own versions of a variety of ball games.  In the second half of half term, when we can return to inside activities, children will be returning to their gymnastic and dance skills. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on the days they have PE.

We know that your child will continue to have a fantastic final term in Year 4; they will experience new learning and become inquisitive and independent learners.

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